Jul 20

Small Covid lockdown Sussex Wedding

Covid lock down easing on weddings.

A new week and a good news for weddings going forward this year! In a small step, the relaxing on the regulations around weddings is great news! From the 1st August wedding receptions can be held of up to 30 people.

With that in mind here is a wedding ceremony I photographed on the 4th July this year. One of the first weddings that were allowed after the easing of lockdown. A joyous day with Ed and Sarah at Lindfield church in Sussex.

I was  thrilled to be able to photograph this wonderful couple’s wedding ceremony. They had already postponed their big wedding plans to next summer. However they really wanted to get married this year and  managed to arrange the ceremony to happen on this monumental day in 2020 lockdown weddings.





Sussex church wedding ceremony.

Ed’s mum contacted me, as she wanted me to capture this very special wedding ceremony as a surprise wedding gift. As you can imagine I was so excited, what a wonderful present!

In these crazy time we are all living in, I felt some what apprehensive as to how it would logistically work on the day. I rang and spoke to the lovely Lindfield vicar, Stuart Silk, who was so helpful and lovely. Together we chatted through how we were going to socially distance and ensure the comfort and safely of everyone. I always speak to my couples before the day to talk through the finer details, such as group shots, etc. This conversation helps me to understand them, their day and their wishes. In this situation it was even more helpful, as everyones safely was so vital, while still allowing me to capture those precious moments.

Luckly Lindfield church has chairs instead of pews, which made the social distancing of the guests very easy. The ceremony, in many ways was even more special and emotional, being in this mad world we are all living in.

What I found was, it was really simple for me to work and photograph the wedding ceremony. Capturing those beautiful moments, looks and glances. With the groups shots, I had a list the couple wanted shot, in advance, as normal and I just ask the guests to keep to social distancing and what they felt happy with. 



Face mask wearing at a wedding.

Sarah works in the wonderful NHS and in out pre wedding chat I had asked her if they or the guests would be wearing face masks. However because of the space and the short wedding ceremony, they had decided they would not. I suggested that if they had face masks, it would be great to capture a group shot of everyone wearing them 

Now I know its a bit of a strange image but I think it tells the story of these times. When would we ever have thought, that you would even consider, all your guests in face masks!! A little like great shots with umbrellas on a wet wedding day, tells the story of your day and rain wont stop your love and enjoyment! Faces masks in a covid lockdown wedding don’t stop those emotions either!!



Couples shots at Alexander Hotel Hotel.

Sarah and Ed were booked in to the stunning Alexander House Hotel, for the night. Checking with the hotel first, they were happy for me to capture some beautiful couples shots in the grounds.

I can not express the joy of being invited to capture this incredibly special wedding day. I can not wait to see them all again next year! 




Like the royal wedding last week, a small wedding can be just as magical and important for you and your friends and families, if not more!!

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